Workout Video

This assignments instructions were to:

Make a video that shows us how you workout! You can do an instructional video or a video similar to what you may see from a fitness expert on social media. Be creative!

I took inspiration in creating this video from the countless Tiktok videos similar to it I see each and every day. An added unexpected bonus to creating this video, was the sudden motivation to actually complete the workout. So not only was I able to spread a quick and easy video for others to follow along to, I got in a great workout for myself after filming as well!

I have never edited a video on Tiktok before, so that was a fun experience to see how the other people have been using the app, as I have never made a post before. The editing process was pretty straight forward. I was able to record each of the workout sections separately, and order them together correctly afterwards. I put text over each section to explain the name of the workout, the reps, and how many sets to do. Join in with me and lets get some abs for the summer!

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