Work Revisit

I chose to revisit and recreate an art related assignments. I already regularly do this with art around my house because I feel like anytime you create artwork it will look different each and every time, because there are so many aspects about a piece you can change. You can use different materials/paper or crayons instead of markers, entirely different colors, even an entirely different concept from the same script! I recreated the logo for our radio show that broadcast on Wednesday, Messy March!

When creating this logo, I was able to find a way to trace specific fonts instead of trying to free hand and make it look perfectly uniform. Because of this, I changed the style and font of our logo a bit to make it fit. I had used inspiration from the March Madness logo when I created it last time, so I am taking a different approach with this redone assignment!

The second assignment I chose to revisit, was the “Spot the difference” assignment. I really enjoyed doing this last time because I used the little shelves below my living room television. This time, I made a sort of, challenge assignment. This version of spot the difference is much harder because I used something in my room that looks very uniform! Maybe that’ll make it easier for some to pick out whats different… who knows, give it a shot!

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