Whats (y)Our Story? Thoughts

Given that our theme is “What’s (y)our Story?”, I feel as if that means “What are you?” or “Who are you”. How do you want your story to be told online. As any person can truly be any person they want to, this course and this theme is an opportunity to present ourselves and in this class, in whatever manner we see fit. Incapsulating the most important aspects about our lives, or personalities, that we want to share with everyone else. Collectively becoming “OUR” story.

This week I was able to connect two of my assignments from the Assignment Bank back to this theme.

I feel as if this assignment is connected to our class theme because it was a way for me to share my story, in two different ways in digital spaces. Collectively, if many of this did this assignment, we would be sharing “Our Story”.
Because I feel as if our theme is meant to express the most important things about ourselves and our lives. I think it is great that this assignment allows us to do just that. By creating a collage of an animal and person that I love, I am sharing a part of what I consider to be my story, with all of my fellow classmates.

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