Weekly Summary

Quite a chaotic week, with everyone beginning new course loads and all. Personally, I don’t really use social media anymore, so I will have to learn how all the platforms function again, in order to have an easier time in this course. Exciting to be creating a new “me” online though, as it has been a while since I’ve posted on the internet. A big part of me is my dog, and I am happy to share things about him on my blog. I did not enjoy trying to embed an Instagram post to my blog. Turns out there is no option to select “Instagram” as you can Soundcloud, Twitter, and may other sites. But I feel as if there is always a way to get around obstacles such as these, so I just used a screen capture of my post instead. I hope I am tagging and linking everything correctly here at the end. Here are my introductions from the week.



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