Weekly Summary 8

This week I completed 2 Daily Creates!

I also blogged about my experience working on the radio show for the second week!

Radio Show Progress 2

This week’s work load was relatively light, just with the added stresses of having to do group work. Most of the time you have a positive experience, with all members, but sometimes people aren’t as concerned about their grades as you may be. Commenting was a little challenging as expected, I spent some time commenting on lots of bumpers and commercials for the upcoming radio shows! I am excited to see not only my groups show broadcast, but also all the other commercials and such that have been teased in the audio assignments of my classmates.

I feel that now that we are at the half way point in this class, I have finally gotten the hang of everything. All the tagging, commenting, daily creates, etc. This class is a different format than most others, so it has just taken a little getting used to, but I am having fun, and learning a lot! (Learning a lot of things I didn’t know would be cool to learn about).

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