Weekly Summary 6

I created 3 Daily Creates this week! They are embedded into this post:

Daily Creates

I completed 4 design assignments from the assignment bank!

Happy Easter to My Little Sisters

I’m getting Married!

Madi’s Menu

ALL animal shelters need donations

Weekly Summary and Connections to Theme:

This week I spent a lot of time designing things in canva, and similar applications. I really enjoyed this week because I used to run a social media page, so I felt I was more in my element than in some other weeks. My assignments I’m getting married and Madi’s Menu are related to our course theme. I told two different stories with these assignments. One, the story of a young girl who has always dreamed of getting married one day, and another of my journey and progression of learning to cook over quarantine. When I designed a wedding invitation, I was forced to think about how I want my wedding to be, and how my desires for that have changed over many years. When creating the menu, you can clearly see the progression of my ability to make something such as hashbrowns, or apples, but now I have taught myself how to make nice entrees as well. Every design has thought behind it when it is being created, and although I used a different digital medium, I still am able to tell a story and narrative about myself.

Other assignments from the week:

Design Thoughts

Design Blitz

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