Weekly Summary 5

Relating to our Theme:

This week we focused on story telling using sound. This relates to our theme because sound is another medium in which OUR stories can be told. They say that the medium is the message, and I think that is evident in the assignments I have completed this week. For the assignments, Quenching Thirst and One more time, I was able to tell the story of something from my childhood in a new, abstract way. I feel that students in the class would likely be able to relate to MY story, because my assignments focus on things that I hope other people have experienced or heard of as well. Therefore MY story, because others have experienced the same, becomes OUR story.

I completed 4 audio assignments from the bank:

Guess the Reversed H.E.R song

One more time

The Radio Bumper

and the required sound effects story titled, Quenching Thirst

I completed 3 daily creates this week and wrote about them in a blog post here:

Daily Creates

In additional blog posts, I shared some of my thoughts about the activities from this week:

Audio Reflection

DS106 Radio

Radio Show Ideas

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