Weekly Summary 3

Story Analysis

Writing assignments

This week to complete 12 stars worth of assignments, I chose to do 5 different activities. They are titled:

10 seconds starting… now

Giving Thanks > Giving Gifts

Tasty Haiku

Haiku Haiku

A Boy Chronicle

I really enjoyed all of the writing assignments this week. As a CDS major I am quite fond of writing and I am happy to say it is actually a requirement of many of my courses this semester. I’d say that is a great way to end my time at this university. All of the writing prompts were unique, and I am glad I got the chance to write stories in ways that I had never done before. It allowed me to be super creative!

Connecting Writing Assignments to Theme

This week I actually feel that all of the assignments connect to our theme of telling our stories because they are all different ways to tell stories. That being said, I think the two that connect the best are Giving Thanks > Giving Gifts, and A Boy Chronicle. These two I feel are the only ones that function as real stories, describing something that has occurred in the past, to either myself, or a story of it happening to another. Both of these assignments are ways for me to digitally tell my stories on the web, and collectively, all of us tell each other our stories as a class.

Daily Creates

I got it this time. Last week I had not realized there was a daily activity via twitter, but I did it correctly this week. Here are my 3 tweets from this week.

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