Weekly Summary 2

What a week. Still making some mistakes here and there, but I am hoping that as the course progresses, this will happen less. I am starting to get used to navigating the course site and making sure I have everything completed. I finally figured out how to view my classmates work, so I have a better understanding of how other students are interpreting assignments.

Assignment Bank Work

I really enjoyed this assignment, because it reminded me of games I used to play on the internet as a kid!
Any opportunity to talk about my dog I will take in an instant. Like mothers talk about their babies, I enjoyed creating a digital collage of something I love so much!
This piece is particularly dramatic. It was fun to write in this style though, as it made me feel like one of those best selling authors.
Here I shared my thoughts on our class theme, and connected and linked them to two of the assignments this week.

Daily Creates

I misunderstood this assignment. With online courses, I typically use whatever day of the week I do not have synchronous classes, and I dedicate that entire day to the work for the course. This is what I have always done, and even what I did last week for this specific course. As Friday is the day I have set aside to do this course’s assignments, I had not realized there were daily creates on twitter until Friday. I am now aware of this and will continue to do my work on Fridays, but for the week ahead so I do not miss out on assignments again.

So, unfortunately, this week I only have one daily create to share, but I had fun making it. Maybe fun is the wrong word, as it was an image of something that made me feel empty inside. I remember

Participating and Connecting with Class

As I had mentioned before, I found where I can see all of my classmates work, and I find that very exciting. It is a bit overwhelming trying to make sense of all the work required, sometimes it is helpful to see an example of how other people have done things such as customizing their blogs. I had not realized how much freedom you have when doing customizations until I saw the blogs of fellow students. I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time looking through themes but have not decided on one to install yet! I spent some time looking through the work that everyone else did this week and commenting on their posts. I have been commenting on their blog posts which I am hoping is the right location! Being able to talk to one another makes this class feel more like a community as opposed to some other remote classes I have taken.

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