Weekly Summary 14

In reflecting on this final project, I am happy to say that I was very pleased with how everything came together and flowed in one story together in the end. In my final project I combined 4 different forms of media. Audio, video, writing, and images. All of these media are embedded in the blog post of my final project. Although the process of starting this project started off slow and a little unlucky, those days of skating being taken away from me allowed me to be able to tell a little more of a story about myself, instead of focusing on just skating. While I am happy to include both, as I mentioned in the final project itself, I liked the new replacement idea that I came up with to vlog daily or find a way to tell my story as my life as a student is coming to an end. And sort of an interesting end, I would argue most other people won’t experience graduating from undergrad in this manner. During this stressful time, my skates acted as a way for me to complete my final project for this course, while also clearing my mind and being able to get some exercise in a fun way during finals week. While I did not vlog everyday, I did a blog style timeline of the events that occurred throughout the week using writing, and a series of images. I created a video of my roller skating progression over a week, and created an audio interview of myself and my closing thoughts and opinions of ending and starting these new chapters in my life. 

Final Project

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