Weekly Summary 13

My plan for the final project is to document and blog/vlog my final week as a student. I am graduating this spring and all of my big assignments are due next week, and after that I am free! Free to explore the real world. I am a CDS major and I have discovered my love for writing here at UMW. I have always been a decent writer but my skills in the area have greatly improved and I want that to be a theme in my final video project. 

I have some large papers and articles to put together next week, so I would like to do something similar to the assignment of vlogging every hour. I plan to vlog for several hours of each day during the week. I am going to combine elements of video, audio, writing, and art/design, by blogging/vlogging about how I am feeling throughout the week, finishing up the last assignments I will ever do (Given that I don’t return to school again, who knows). As most of my final assignments are writing intensive, I could even include some of my writing process that I have learned to develop during my time at Mary Washington. Much of my writing process involves other day to day things about my life such as daily coffee and walks that will contribute to the story. I will also be doing some design assignments during the week, and I feel that these assignments are a reflection of the experience and knowledge that I will be taking away with me from Mary Washington.

Along with vlogging, I want to include other elements of my life story as a student thus far. Being a student is all I have ever known and been expected to do, and it is exciting to see that becoming a new chapter soon. I really liked the idea of using google maps to show everywhere I have been and gone to school in the area. (I am moving away once I finish school so this is sort of the end of my story here in the Stafford/Fredericksburg area.) 

I could not be more grateful that this final project was assigned over two weeks. I have many other final projects approaching and I was able to use this week to get ahead in those areas so that I have the ability to vlog during my last week of university. I have done the perfect amount of preparation to be able to vlog all of the excitement of finishing up school, without having to stress too much in the process.

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