Weekly Summary 12

I created 3 Daily Creates this week:

I completed two remix assignments:

Logo Remix

Fashion Waldo Remix

I also completed 8 stars of mashup assignments:

Fairy Movie Poster

Text Message Story

Connections to theme:

I felt that the mashup assignments I created this week really identify with our course theme of story telling! I am really happy that I was able to take two different mashup assignments… and mashup them up together to advertise for my made up movie! With all this publicity for my fairy plot, I may have to go ahead and write the rest of the story sometime! I used two completely different mediums, a recorded text conversation, and a poster to give two totally different spooky trailers, but both depicting the same plot. I definitely feel more suspense from the text story, but tried to portray that same energy with the scary shadows in the background of my poster! Check them out, which one is more fitting for this scary plot?

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