Too Close for Comfort

Can you tell what this super zoomed in picture is?

The Story Behind the Story

SPOILERS WARNING! For this assignment, I wanted to make sure that I chose something that most everyone might be familiar with. This is probably the most generic item I own in my house, and they are yellow rubber cleaning gloves. Lots of people use these in their kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas so I felt that it would be possible to recognize it even super zoomed in!

Narrating the Process

For this assignment, the only difficulty I had was making sure that the camera would focus properly. As the picture had to be very zoomed in, I still wanted to make sure there was some sort of identifiable texture in the image. I felt that it would be unfair without it. Initially the image I took only had the smooth yellow texture visible, along with a small about of the textured part. I felt that it was too vague this way, so I adjusted the frame to also include part of the finger of the glove.

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