The Pain of Burning Flesh

It was an ordinary day. In fact, nothing spectacular had occurred for several days, weeks even. I guess life had decided the days were becoming too simple, too easy. The day was almost over. I decided to wind down after some school work with a luxury dinner that I had planned to make for myself. Steak with smooth gravy, coupled with the creamy cheese of my macaroni. It was beautiful. The film of plastic covering my meal glistened in the dimly lit lights of my kitchen. And then I heard it. The glorious shriek of the oven that called my name. The time had finally come. The time to feast. Salivating, full of excitement, I opened the oven. The smell of the delicious aromas filled my nostrils. I could not wait any longer. I reached my arms outward, being careful to avoid touching anything to hot. Success, crisis avoide…… Ouch! A sensation I had never felt before overwhelmed the flesh below the knuckle of my thumb. I quickly ran my searing skin under the faucet of the cold tap water. But the pain persisted. The stinging continued. My flesh had been cooked by the steam seeping out the frozen, now piping hot meal I had microwaved. Today marks two days since the incident, I am doing okay but have been left with a nasty battle scar from the day. Lesson learned. When the directions state “Let stand for 1-2 minutes,” they aren’t just trying to make you stay hungry longer.

The Story Behind the Story

When choosing my first assignment from the Assignment Bank, I was immediately drawn to the writing assignments. As a Communication major, I really enjoy writing and I felt as if this prompt was a great example of the different mediums we use online and in digital spaces, and how we are forced to present ourselves in different ways on different platforms due to the individual restrictions each one has.

In one of my courses we had been studying the saying “The medium is the message”. I think this is a perfect example of that. What is meant by the saying, is that the form of medium, or plural, media, by which information is consumed, changes our understanding of what information is actually being provided. In this example, the limitations set by twitter regarding the number of words allowed per post, forced me to sum up my story in very few words. Sort of like writing a thesis as opposed to an entire essay. My ability to fully express myself is halted by my inability to explain what happened in detail. This is expected, though, as blog posts are meant to hold your attention longer than tweets, as those are typically meant for short attention spans.

I thought it would be fun to exaggerate a true story that happened to me this week. I did in fact burn myself while removing a frozen dinner from the microwave. It was not nearly as dramatic as I made it seem, but I was happy to take the opportunity to write the same story twice, in entirely different ways. I feel as if the blog post represents how I would think about the incident in my head, but if someone were to ask me about it, I would probably reply with something closer the the tweet, as if it was “no big deal”. I think this says something about the way we present ourselves online. You can blow things out of proportion, or make important things seem insignificant.

Narrating the Process

The process of creating this assignment was pretty simple. As I already had a twitter and blog up and running, it was easy to embed the tweet in with the post, in order to have a side by side comparison of the two stories. While writing, I was trying to remember every possible detail and made sure to include them in my blog post, to act as a direct contrast to my tweet.

Relating Back to Our Theme

I feel as if this assignment is connected to our class theme because it was a way for me to share my story, in two different ways in digital spaces. Collectively, if many of this did this assignment, we would be sharing “Our Story”.

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