Text Message Story

This assignment’s instructions were to:

Chances are you have probably seen those creepy ads on YouTube which tells horror stories through text. Now its your turn to tell a story. Grab a friend and text eachother to tell a story. Before you start texting make sure to turn on the camera so you can record the story.

For this assignment, I created a text message story to go along with my made up movie poster! The title of my movie is Fairy, in which witches lure innocent people into the forests to eat them, by making them think they are fairies. I wanted the story to begin slow, like any other normal conversation. That being said, I still quickly wanted to get across the message that Alex is home alone, and that Eric is someone who looks out for her in some way. By adding in time stamps, I was able to create suspense. I was able to create suspense by increasing the time between when Alex checked on the dogs outside, as well as being able to follow the time line of Eric’s return home, and the ominous “delivered” message at the end. Which Alex never replies to. 

In creating this story, I tried to set up a text conversation between my current phone and old phone. This failed miserably for a few reasons, the old phone cannot text anymore, so I resorted to using what’s app. The next problem I came across was while recording, there would be large amounts of time where nothing was happening as I came up with the next line or was typing on the other phone. Along with this, if you messed up once or made a typo, there was no undoing it in the video. So I decided to instead use an app from the App Store. The app I used to create this video is called texting story. It allowed me to create any messages from the left or right. I could delete and edit any messages after already passing them. And I could even add comments (this is how I added time stamps and the “delivered” message). I really liked how this app waited until I was completely done writing the story to take a recording. It even recorded how I rephrased my text messages, so the video feels more organic. Like a real text conversation. 

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