Spot the Differences

The Story Behind the Story

This assignment was really fun! I chose to do this assignment because it reminded me of all of the I Spy books I used to have as a kid. My siblings and I practically collected these books, as we had probably 10 different books. I have always loved books like these where you have to spot the differences, see an illusion, or answer a riddle. Anything interactive makes everything so much more entertaining. I chose to do this assignment in my living room, can you spot the six differences?

Narrating the Process

For this assignment, I chose to do it in my living room for a number of reasons. The living room is always clean, so there would be no concern of someone accidentally seeing a “difference” when in reality it was just a cluttered background. Along with this, my living room shelf area is pretty organized so subtle changes may not be visible at first glance. I know that once I had taken both pictures, before and after making changes, I honestly could not tell that I had moved things around, even though I was the one that had done it! I think the angle of the image is important to get right, as you want it to resemble the first one as much as possible.

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