For this assignment the instructions were: Show us your room! Use the boomerang app and take a boomerang of what your room looks like so we can see a quick snapshot of the whole thing!

I did exactly that. This is a great way of story telling! In a quick flash, an entire snapshot of my personal space is revealed. My hobbies including, pc gaming, nail art, and the love for my pooch are all seen so quickly by the decorations or presence of them in my bedroom. I thought about picking up my room before hand, but I feel that we should normalize having a house, a room, a dorm, that appears lived in. Obviously if you are planning to have company over, or hosting some sort of event, then you can take the extra steps to make sure everything looks perfect. But day to day? Close friends and fellow classmates? Nah, you guys can see the way I live, the actual way that I live. Having laundry out or a few dishes here and there is no big deal, and I honestly feel that it gives a quick snapshot into what I am currently doing in my life in my room. 

For this assignment, I downloaded the boomerang app from the store. It was actually pretty difficult to figure out how to record this assignment. Boomerang only lasts a few seconds, so I was struggling to get an entire 360 of my bedroom. I realized my mistake was in recording vertically. When I made the switch to recording horizontally, I was able to record more of my room at a time, and therefore, did not have to move as quickly and could capture the whole thing in one short boomerang video. I think it turned out great, and I uploaded it to youtube.

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