Radio Show Progress

Our group met earlier this week to discuss the radio and the content we would be including in it. After narrowing that down, we decided to use the 2 required audio assignments to create commercials, bumpers, intros, and outros for our radio show. We split up these responsibilities among the 4 of us. It is a great idea that we chose to do this part of the radio show first. After creating all of these parts individually, when we come bring all of our work together, a big portion of the time requirement for the show will be used up. Then, when next week comes where we want to start making the actual radio content, we will be able to figure out how much time we have left to complete the show.

Individually, I created a commercial, unrelated to our radio show specifically. And I also created a radio bumper. I have been using audacity, and sourcing from free sound websites for music, and sound effects. This week was pretty light, I feel that next week will be harder to complete and collaborate on this assignment to finalize everything, but we of course will manage just fine!

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