Radio Show Progress 2

This week we completed our radio show. After last week, I had already finished a commercial about carpet cleaner, and a bumper made specifically for our radio. All that was left for me to create this week was the radio content for our show. Because our topic is historical pop culture events from this month, I took that as an opportunity to talk about the Grammy’s from a few years ago.

In 2019, the popular group BTS made a statement. Paraphrasing, they essentially said,

“We don’t want to make music in english just for a grammy, if we started singing in only english, we wouldn’t be BTS anymore.”

This is ironic because at the 2021 Grammy’s they performed their number 1 hot billboard 100 hit “Dynamite”. This song’s lyrics are entirely in english. Although they did not win the grammy, this song by far has been their most successful, as far as charts go.

I did not create this to question the integrity of the group. Personally, I feel that they should be able to make whatever music they’d like, but I also feel that you should be careful about what you say and put out in the world, if you don’t intend to stick by it. I remember they were offended by the idea of giving in and creating english music, but look at them now!

Our radio show is completed and put together now, one of our group members put all of our individual pieces together for us. That being said, another group member may or may not be making some more changes to it before the final submission. Either way I am happy with how it turned out and excited to see it broadcast!

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