Quarantine Quotes

The Story Behind the Story

For this assignment, I created a word cloud. While in quarantine, we have been hearing and seeing the same words and headlines every single day. It has felt like an eternity and it feels like no one talks about anything other than covid19. While it is understandable why, the existence of covid19 put all of our lives on hold, it is exhausting to have been having a conversation about this virus for a year now. I almost feel as if all this talk about the virus has been more invasive to me than the actual virus. I have been lucky to have not come into contact with it.

Relating to Our Theme

I feel that this post relates to our theme because it is most definitely going to be a part of “Our Stories” for the rest of our lives. This is most definitely the craziest thing I have been a part of historically. That being said, this past year in general has been pretty wild. I feel that as we get older, all of us will be telling this story to our children and grandchildren, as they will have to learn what we lived through when they are in school most likely. Although they may not be memories that we want to have, we can always talk about that one crazy year when telling someone a story about our life.

Narrating the Process

When creating this word cloud, I began by choosing a shape. I wanted to choose a shape to work with first, and then later fill it with related terms. As soon as I saw this shape, I knew exactly what I wanted to create. I started by putting in words that I associate with the virus. Once I ran out of ideas from the top of my head, I scrolled through my news feed for less than 2 minutes and I was able to find lots of other repeated words from this pandemic. In the end, I decided on changing the font because I felt that this one was more intimidating, and less bubbly than the default.

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