Project Ideas

I am a little confused about the next project, I understand that we have the option to work together “virtually or otherwise”, but is there an option to work alone? I understand if this is not allowed, because learning to work together in groups is an important thing to learn for any course. I just feel that we have done a mandatory group assignment once, and showed that despite having problems with some group members, we were able to push through and complete the project. So for my first idea of this project, I would like there to be an option to complete it individually, or somehow a little less group oriented. I like when my own work ethic is reflected in the assignments I complete.

For the actual project itself, I have a few ideas:

I think a video assignment would be interesting. This is a great way to tell stories, in pretty much any format. I think that whatever stories being told should be meaningful to the person telling it.

Another idea I have, although I do not know what medium it should be created in, but to have us describe a significant change in our lives that pushed us to where we are now? Sometimes life changes can be inconvenient but they ultimately shape you into the person you are today. Maybe we could share new experiences that turned out to be good.

My favorite aspect about the radio shows was the ones that made me relate to them. Whether that be about current struggles or childhood memories. I think either of these approaches for an entire assignment could be interesting. For example, the focus could be on things that our class would remember from childhood, tv shows, commercials, or any other form of nostalgia.

I have been reading the ideas of some other students, so I tried to make sure not to repeat any of their ideas. Lots of great ideas I have seen, and I will continue to brainstorm!


  1. Working together is an option but not a requirement, so you are welcome to work on your own. You should also feel free to build upon any ideas that are presented in the class. Inspiring each other and learning from each other is one of the points of being in a class, IMHO.

  2. “My favorite aspect about the radio shows was the ones that made me relate to them.” I completely agree! I like your idea of discussing a significant thing or event in our lives.

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