I am developing an idea for a radio show. I was inspired by one of the audio assignments we had the option of choosing from this week. The assignment is one I completed, in which I reversed the audio of the song and listeners are supposed to guess the song. Because this is very difficult, there are also hints included! This idea of guessing reminded me of a fun activity I did was a kid, which was having competitions to be the first to guess a song, when only a short snippet is played.

My idea would be to gather a list of songs, and play them backwards, or the first few seconds of the songs. Then listeners can tweet or try to guess the songs first! I understand that the audio will be pre-recorded, but I am under the assumption that it will be played live? If not, then I would need to find a way to alter my idea to fit. I feel like this would be a fun idea for a radio show, and there could even be specific genres or time frames the songs are geared towards. Maybe some lucky winners could even get a free pass from one daily create? Or something else small? I would love to expand this idea to fit with other groups

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