Photo Reflection

I have absolutely zero experience with photography. This is an exaggeration of course because as we all have smart phones now, or with the existence of apps such as snapchat, taking pictures is something we do quite frequently. I personally do not take many photos, and I never have. It is something my mother has always gotten on my about for years. She feels that without pictures you are losing precious memories and she makes a point to take many pictures every holiday. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words so I understand why they are so meaningful to her. Pictures are able to capture a moment like no words every could.

The only photos I typically take day to day are snapchats of either my dog or the food I happen to be eating. Aside from posting for this class, the only people who ever see these pictures are my boyfriend because that is the only person I snapchat. I am not usually trying to capture any sort of feeling or meaning in these pictures. Really I just like to send pictures that I feel would make his day better, or something funny of my dog to make him laugh. I think I have been successful in this as we are always exchanging pictures like this with each other.

After reviewing these resources I think I may attempt to take pictures that are not for school, and also not for snapchat. I have never had that great of an understanding of composition or how to make an image look nice, but now I feel confident that I could create something I am proud of. I feel that this is reflected in my visual assignments this week!

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