One more time

The instructions for this assignment were:

For this assignment record yourself humming a song that is stuck in your head and upload it! For example I did FloRida’s Apple Bottom Jeans song because its been stuck in my head all week!

The Story Behind the Story:

The reason I chose to do this assignment is because I have songs stuck in my head all the time. Especially if it is an old song or something I have not heard in a long time. My brain becomes so fixated on the rare occurrence of hearing the song again after so long. With all the recent talk of Britney Spears, I have been hearing her name and her songs more now than I have in many years. Nonetheless, this is one that embedded itself into my brain. I am not sure if humming the song will make it go away, hopefully I don’t catch myself singing it again tomorrow!

Narrating the Process:

For this assignment, I used audacity to record myself humming the song. Due to the rain in the background, I was able to use the noise reduction effect to cancel out most of it. Recording myself was pretty simple, and I used headphones to listen to the song while I hummed it. I thought about humming without listening to the song at the same time, but I quickly came to realize that I sound much better in my head humming than I do when being recorded! Just as I did with the other audio assignments, I then exported and uploaded it to soundcloud!

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