My Non-Human Child

The Story Behind the Story

I loved this assignment! I take lots of photos of Napoleon on a regular basis. In fact, my phone is cluttered with more images of him than anything else. I felt that this assignment would be a perfect way for me to share my love for Napoleon, and some of his weird, funny quirks that I love so much about him!

I wanted to make sure to include an image of him in his favorite sleeping position. He loves to sleep completely upside down, and I have never seen him more relaxed. He only started sleeping like this once I took him into my care. After rescuing him from an unhealthy household, I have been able to care for him in the way I best see fit. Over the years that I have had him I have watched him become a much happier dog. While he used to be extremely stressed and treated unfairly, it is really special to me that he feels so comfortable in his home with me now.

Narrating the Process

I would say that the most difficult part of this assignment was deciding on which photos I wanted to include of Napoleon. I am happy that I chose some that show some of his personality as well as how happy he is pretty much every single day! All of the images were from my Iphone, and I downloaded an app called “Collageable” to make this cute collage. I chose a yellow background for the collage because it is my favorite color, but I also feel as if yellow is the color of happiness.

Relating Back to Our Theme

Because I feel as if our theme is meant to express the most important things about ourselves and our lives. I think it is great that this assignment allows us to do just that. By creating a collage of an animal and person that I love, I am sharing a part of what I consider to be my story, with all of my fellow classmates.

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