Messy March Logo

Our radio show is called Messy March. When we came up with this title, although I am not an avid watcher of basketball, I immediately thought of March Madness. I thought incorporating a well known logo into our logo for our radio would be a good way to get some people’s attention. Maybe there are students who are familiar with the college basketball logo.

Here is an image of the March Madness Logo:

NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament - Wikipedia

Creating this logo was actually pretty difficult by hand. I had to create many different versions of this logo, as replicating anything with text on it requires multiple tries. I spent a lot of time making the letters’ font perfect, and before outlining, it looked flawless. But I ended up ruining the outlines with a sharpie. 🙁 I feel that this would be much easier to make digitally, as the font would not be something I would have to draw by hand, but rather just choose a fitting font and type it in.

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