Many Me’s

The Story Behind the Story

For this assignment, I wanted to create an image of myself with different pairs of glasses on. While other people like to collect shoes, bags, or clothing, my favorite thing to accessorize with are my glasses. I have somewhere around ten different pairs of prescription pairs of glasses. My mother manages a glasses store, so I have always been able to get discounted designer frames multiple times a year. As a child, I despised having to wear glasses, and I felt that they “ruined my makeup” by covering them up. It wasnt until I got older that I realized that glasses can actually be a really fun way to change up your look each and every day.

Relating to Our Theme

I feel that this post relates to our theme because it is about myself, and how I present myself to the world. Whether that be digitally or in person, I feel that the glasses I wear are very much a part of my identity. As a kid I was “the curly haired girl with glasses”. And now I am “the girl with bangs and glasses”. With bad eyesight running in my family, the glasses part of my identity will never be going away. I feel like this is a part of my life story because it so hugely impacts my life day to day. My mother is legally blind and I hope my eyesight does not progress to the level of hers, but if it does, might as well look fabulous as my eyesight dwindles away.

Narrating the Process

For this assignment, I was able to use a filter on the app tiktok. The filter allows you to create clones of yourself but you have to be very fast! As soon as I saw the thumbnail for this assignment, I knew exactly how I would put together these images of myself. It was pretty difficult to get each different pair of glasses on and pose for a picture because they app only gives you 3 seconds in between. It took me many tries but I was finally happy with the way that this one turned out. If I were to do this assignment again, I would take closer pictures of myself because it is hard to tell that I am wearing a different pair in each photo. Maybe that is also a lighting issue. All of that quick changing stress and you can hardly tell I changed my frames each time!

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