Madis Menu

This assignment‘s instructions were:

For this assignment, you are going to design your own menu! You can use any layout software (I used InDesign) but anything will work!

The Story Behind the Story:

I chose to do this assignment because I love cooking meals! Often times if there is an item on a popular restaurant’s menu, I will try to recreate it in my home! I have done this many times and I felt that it would fun to create a menu of all my favorite dishes I have learned how to make over quarantine. For examples of restaurant items I have learned, I included Penne Rosa, originally from Noodles and Co. And another favorite, Drunken Noodle, a common thai dish. Creating this menu was like creating a recipe book, just without the recipes. I will definitely be referring back to this menu I created later, when I can’t figure out what I wanna make for dinner one day!

Narrating the Process:

I created this menu using Canva! I tried to use a different application from the App store called, Flyer maker and I actually got all the way the process of creating it, before I realized I had to create an account and put in payment info. As I have never remembered to cancel any of my subscriptions after the free trial, I opted to use a different app instead. I wanted to make a neutral background, because there are so many different kinds of food on my menu. With most restaurants the theme of the menu will correspond to the type of food that the restaurant serves. As I did not stick with any specific category of food, I was not able to make a spicy, fresh and clean, or Asian theme for example. I really liked being able to price my own dishes, as I feel like it is much more worth the money to make your favorite meals at home as opposed to eating out all the time!

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