Lyric Video

This assignments instructions were:

Create a lyric video for a song. Try and be as creative as possible. Use multiple fonts, colors, backgrounds, and transitions. Try not to be super plain and try to deliver the lyrics clearly and correctly.

With this assignment I chose to do this song because it is one that I have always listened to since I was a child. It holds a special place in my heart because I used to sing it at karaoke all the time. As a lover of singing, often times lyric videos make it difficult to sing songs you are not familiar with. The timing of the words on the screen should match when you hear them in the song, but unfortunately for alot of videos, this is not the case. Even though this is a song I am very familiar with, I tried to make sure that I had the timing on when the lyrics appearing on the screen correct.

Sometimes during the song, there will be a line or word that is abnormally short and fast. It is in these instances that it is important to make sure to reduce/add time on to the time the card will appear on the screen. I was able to create this video without referencing the lyrics online because of how many times I have heard the song myself. I know it so well I was able to guess before even hearing the clips how long I should keep the words on the screen, and then add tweaks to perfect it afterwards. I completed all of my editing in windows video editor.

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