I’m getting Married!

This assignment‘s instructions were:

We are currently in the middle of the wedding season. With this being said so many people out there are tying the knot! For this assignment, I would like you to create/design your own wedding invitation as if you were going to be getting married soon! What would it look like? You could include pictures, date, time, place, or anything else related to this topic that you think would be fun to incorporate! Use your imagination! Be creative! To create this assignment you should use Canva. Upload your invitation to Flickr and tag it DesignAssignments. 

The Story Behind the Story:

Okay not really, but this assignment really had me thinking it was true. I have been with my boyfriend since 2016, and I know that marriage is in the near-ish future. I feel like this assignment was both fun to do, and got me thinking about some practical things I may want when I do end up getting married one day. In my wedding invitation, I made sure to include the two things I want to be different about my wedding. I want no children allowed, and I think it would be great if my friends/family were able to all come together and make food for the wedding instead of going to an outside caterer. Don’t get me wrong! I love kids. However, I feel like forcing them to sit silently through an entire ceremony is mean, and never works, there is always some sort of outburst. The other idea I had about everyone coming together to make the food, is because of my love for thanksgiving, and how my family always had the greatest feasts on holidays like it. And hey, It’s my day, I get to make the rules. 

Narrating the Process:

When creating this invitation, I wanted to choose a simple, but pretty design. Weddings, invitations, and the flowers to be set on the tables, are all things that young girls grow up dreaming about all of their childhoods! Because of this, I had some sort of idea of how I wanted the invitation to look. I feel that the circle design of the leaves surrounding our names in the center represents everyone being there for the two of us. I wanted to have a clean white invitation so that the text would show up well, however, I felt that the off white color fit better. The invitation is very easy to read and would result in less confusion about dates and times of the event.  This design embodies the kind of wedding I wish to have one day. All guests surrounding me and my groom, all in support of our love and happiness! 

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