Highlight Reels (but video games!)

For this assignment the instructions were:  Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athlete, set it to some music and add an intro. 

Taking inspiration from some of the other video assignments available in the assignment bank, I am doing a little twist on this and instead of focusing on a traditional sports player, I put together clips of my favorite player playing a video game called valorant. Like in sports, video games also require that teammates play certain roles and fill certain positions on a team. The character that this person plays, is also the one that I play, so we have a similar play style, and therefore it is both fun and educational to watch! I actually wanted to do the assignment putting together my own plays, however, unfortunately, the application I have on my computer that typically records my gameplay, has not been running the last few weeks, so I have no plays of my own saved to put together into a montage. Maybe next time! I feel that this is a good way of telling a story about myself, because although I am not the player in the featured clips, it is still the same role, character, and position I typically play on a team!

For this assignment, I got all of the videos and clips of gameplay from youtube. There are countless videos to chose from, and because some are quite long, I just took a few seconds of any clip I found to stand out as really cool. I used an online youtube video to mp4 convertor to be able to download all the videos and edit them. I also used an online youtube video to mp3 converter to be able to get my copyright free background music. For the editing process, I used windows video editor to put together the plays and layer in the music. Lastly, I uploaded the video unlisted to youtube!

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