Happy Easter to My Little Sisters


This assignment’s instructions were:

Make a card for someone through an online design program. 

The Story Behind the Story:

I created this card for my two little sisters. I do not live with them, and they are both 14+ years younger than me. Although I no longer live with them, I still want to keep a close relationship with them and be a good older sister role model to them. As they are still young kids in elementary school, they love to celebrate holidays such as easter with candy and egg hunts. I plan to print out this card and mail it to them next month along with some candy and games, once it gets closer to easter. I hope to keep the spirit of the holiday alive in them even though some of the activities they associate with it may be cancelled due to covid. All the more reason to make it feel more special if I can. 

Narrating the Process:

I used the application, Canva, to create this card. As my little siblings are both girls, I was happy to be able to choose a girly colored theme. Not only are light pink and purple cute colors for girls, but I also felt that they matched the easter theme. I found this image of two bunnies and I knew it was perfect for this assignment. On canva, you are able to take any template and change the text, background colors, and reposition any images already on it. I was able to personalize all of these options to create this. 

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