Google Knows All

The Story Behind the Story

I chose this assignment because it reminded me greatly of a game I have grown up playing on the internet. What was once on a website called iSketch, now has expanded to many different platforms, the one I use now is called “” The game functions just as this google game does, except instead of an AI guessing what you are drawing, it is other people who are playing. It is always fun to play with friends and see their terrible drawings, and I find it fascinating that google is able to figure out what it is I am trying to communicate.

This assignment made me think further into why those captcha tests exist. Sometimes I feel as if they make the captcha tests too difficult and as a human, I struggle to decipher what it is I am looking at sometimes. This activity really opened my eyes to how good AI is at interpreting images, even terrible drawn scribbles of what I think these random obscure objects look like in my head.

This assignment was really fun to see how quickly google caught on to what I was creating. It was also interesting to see what last thing was added to a drawing for google to clue into what it was. For example, when drawing a basketball, I accidentally drew a baseball. It wasn’t until I added another line down the middle for google to understand that my lines were just drawn incorrectly. (Evidently, I am not someone who ever played sports)

Narrating the Process

I created these drawings using my mouse. I was actually on my laptop when I had initially tried to do this assignment, but I quickly realized that using a trackpad to draw things is probably not the best idea. In the past, I have used my drawing tablet for games like this, but for this assignment I chose to keep it simple with the mouse, and google had no problem figuring out what I was drawing. After google had finished guessing, I was prompted to share via twitter. It was that simple! I spent some time looking through the other images people have drawn on this game and it is quite humorous. I encourage anyone to try this game out and look at some of the drawings.

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