Get ready with me!

For this assignment the instructions were: Record yourself getting ready! Whether it be how you get ready for your day, ready for bed, ready for an event, makeup look, etc. See if you can edit the video to speed through parts that may take a second and create a voice over of the process. 

I chose to record myself getting ready for the day. This day in particular I had decided to wear all purple. I even wore a purple jacket out that day. So this video is the story of how I created my purple outfit look for the day. I feel that this is a fantastic way of telling any story you want. As the instructions say, you can record anything about how you get ready to do something. Similar to how vlogs tell the watchers of the video how you go about each thing day to day, showing the process of getting ready gives watchers some insight into how you do each step of your routine. I used to watch these sorts of videos online all the time growing up, so it is fun to finally participate and create my own!

In creating this video, I did all my recording on my iphone. I had initially tried to record the video and upload it in 60fps, but when I was moving things around and uploading things to my pc, the quality was reduced to 30fps. This is not the end of the world, but it was something that was unplanned. After recording my video, I did some initial editing and adding of transitions in imovie on my phone. After I had edited and shortened the video quite a bit, I then moved to finish all of my editing and adding of background music in windows video editor. Once I finished up there, I uploaded the video to youtube and that was the finished product!

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