From Tree to Shining Tree

I am not one to typically listen to podcasts, but this week has opened my eyes to how neat they can really be! The ability to tell a story with just audio is very difficult but their use of ambient and background noises throughout the podcast made it feel very immersive. Sometimes you could hear the activity they were doing in the background as they were speaking, or other times, the background noise was just music that fit the mood. It really stuck out to me how much sound can create different atmospheres. In the beginning the podcast is very light hearted and those speaking seem happy and laughing. But towards the end, the change in tone of the speakers and the eerie music in the background creates an entirely different feel.

While I was unable to participate live in the tweeting, I enjoyed going through and reading the comments! I would like to be a part of this when we do it again the future because it seemed like it was a lot of fun! I enjoyed reading through the tweets and seeing what particular sounds and moments in the podcast stuck out to other students. There is so much to hear in these podcasts, some of things I had not noticed until a classmate pointed it out!

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