Fast Photos

In the 20 minute time, I was able to complete 5 out of the seven photos.

Show us some food:

I took an image of a giant bag of lemon cookies. They are my all time favorite and I can’t imagine the joy I’d feel if could be completely surrounded by them, as this photo makes you feel.

Forced perspective – make something small look big, or big look small:

This image features the mighty Napoleon. Napoleon is my super sweet dog who loves food. I feel as if this image captures what it would be like to be a snack of his about to be consumed.

Take a picture of rocks:

This bracelet means a lot to me because it was a gift from my mother. I have it on display in my bedroom, and I thought it was cool that I literally wear rocks as fashion. I felt that this would be a unique and unexpected photo of rocks.

Take a picture of your most valued tool:

These tools are wonderful. As I had mentioned burning myself in a blog post a few weeks ago, these have become essential in my kitchen to prevent further injuries.

Make a photo dominated by something pink:

Best little debbie snack to exist. Hands down. I have always loved these for not only their taste but also how pink they are! They make you feel so happy just to eat them because of how pink dominated they are!


I really enjoyed this activity. It was definitely a challenge to think of so many photos to take in a short time. I feel as if I may have been able to finish all seven if I had thought of photo ideas before starting the timer. The things that took up the most time were trying to focus the camera correctly when taking close up pictures, as well as, trying to get my dog to cooperate when taking a picture of him. This assignment was a way to make me be creative and think outside of the box when creating visual content with such a vague description.

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