Fashion Waldo Remix

This assignment’s original instructions were to:

It is your chance to be creative! Grab a sketching notebook and a pen or use an online tool to design an outfit for a wedding party!

The remix instructions state:

You want to place Waldo somewhere conspicuous in a visual or design assignment or slip his name quickly into an audio assignment.

Here is the original image of the first students assignment design:

And with Waldo!

For this remix I did my best to recreate the two girls that were drawn before hand by another classmate. Immediately I knew that while I wanted to keep their shape/design, in order to make Waldo fit seamlessly into the design I would have to change up the color scheme of their outfits. 

Drawing in this style is not something I am familiar with at all, but I am happy with the way this turned out. In order to draw Waldo in the middle, I referenced some images on google of this style, and found a picture of a man in a turtle neck to base my design off of. Before coloring anything in, it was not Waldo themed at all. I added his signature red and white striped sweater, and I of course couldn’t forget his cane, hair, and red beanie! I really enjoyed this remix and I like how he fits so well with the other two models. 

Side note: I hope I tagged this post correctly. The assignment says to tag it remixassignments, but also remixedassignments#### with an “ed”.

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