Fairy Movie Poster

This assignments instructions were:

Create a poster or ad for an upcoming movie. Let the ad’s theme and movie contradict themselves. For instance, you can have your movie be about kids playing on a Summer day , but your ad shows a spooky side to the plot. A good “everything is not what it seems” kicker.

For this assignment, I created a poster for a movie I made up myself. The movie is titled Fairy, which would lead most viewers to think that the plot would follow a peaceful, graceful, maybe even cute plot. But not this story! This story is about witches who lure ppl into the forests to eat them while presenting themselves to be nice fairies. I feel that the title of this made up movie, and this aspect of its scary plot, directly contradict eachother. If I saw this movie poster, I would definitely be wanting to know the rest of the story!

In the design of my poster, I wanted to make it feel very cluttered, messy, and dark. I added dark silhouettes of the witches between the shadows of the trees. I made the decision for my poster to be vertical because I wanted the ad to be consumed by the massively tall trees of this spooky forest. I wanted the person viewing it to feel small and intimidated. I used markers and colored pencils to try and make the poster seem dark and mysterious, but I made the mistake of making the moon too yellow, which I feel takes away from the moody scary atmosphere.

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