DS106 Radio Experience

This was a lot of fun! First I want to talk about my experience as a listener/live tweeter, and then I want to talk about what it is like to see everyone else react to your show!

I tuned in on Wednesday to listen to the radio shows! I honestly had no idea what to expect from the other groups shows, and I was surprised to see that our show was quite a bit different than our show. Our show was pretty unique in the sense that it focused on spreading information and news. Still about fun things! But nonetheless, it was a more informative show than the others. Some of the other shows did a really good job of making connections with their listeners. I really felt like these shows reflected our course theme because I could relate so well to the topics discussed in the shows. One thing that I tweeted about that stuck out to me, was the discussion of switching majors seemingly too late. Here was my live tweet reaction:

The shows really made me feel happy that others were going through similar situations as me in life.

My take away from these live radio shows is that everyone is going through different and difficult stuff, but it is all these twists and turns that makes the story of our lives so interesting! It is not important what happens to us in our lives, but rather what we choose to get up and accomplish when plans change.

Watching the reactions of my classmates to my own show was also alot of fun! As I mentioned earlier, ours was a little different than the other shows, and some people had tweeted saying the same thing. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing though, it seems that we spread information about stuff people had no idea about! For example here was one reaction from our show about a segment I created:

Overall I think this was a great experience for everyone, both listeners and creators of the radio shows were so nice, supportive, and engaged during the sharing of our stories.

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