The design blitz was hard because I had to find things around my house that illustrated these concepts. That being said, because everything that is designed, was designed to be that way for some reason, I was able to find some great examples.

These shelves are a good example of balance. They are also symmetrical (for the most part but they are handmade). I really like these shelves because not only is the shelving structure all balanced, but the fact that all the nail polishes are the same also creates unity.

I feel that these items in my house illustrate concepts of proportion. My mother loves baby groot. But she loves the smaller version better because the large size of its head in proportion to the rest of its body make it look “so much cuter” than a regular proportioned baby groot.
The text on this bag of dog treats is a good example of typography. The use of different text over the word “Organic” immediately draws your eye to it. These treats are actually human grade, so it is fine for humans to snack on these dog treats. The use of this font makes it seem a superior and more healthy option to feed your animals!
This is an example of Rhythm in design. Not only this, but it is also a symmetrical design. This is the logo for my Invisalign bag, the clear braces that straighten your teeth. I think this design is really cool because the repeated design kind of look like little teeth, and they are all perfectly symmetrical, just as you would want your teeth to be after using their product. This design was the one I found to be the coolest.

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