Design Thoughts

I learned a lot from this article. Many every day things that we all use frequently, such as signs, had to be designed at some point. I think that the fact that we sometimes forget how much thought goes into designing things like these, makes it evidently clear how important it is for the designs to be effective and function well. As mentioned in the article, I find it fascinating that the book is aimed towards kids, but can be just as eye opening to adults. Like children, many adults have become blind to the design of many things as it is a part of daily life, but there is an underlying meaning, or reasoning behind the design of most things. I think it would be smart for children in general to be informed about graphic design. Not only can it be improved from a young age, but the ability to notice design and marketing strategies can help kids critically think about why things are created the way they are, or possibly brainstorm ideas to make them better. Children always have better, new, innovative ideas than adults.

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