Daily Creates

This week I completed 3 daily creates!

I was really excited to show off my air fryer cookbook with how popular air fryers have gotten lately. It honestly is great and I’d recommend any and all to get one if you have not already. My preferred food would definitely be a deep fried, possibly much greasier version of this food, but as the title of the cookbook suggests, air frying the food means less guilt when indulging.

I had a lot of fun taking this photo. My dog is getting old so he is not able to jump on or off of my bed without hurting himself. He has had these helpful little steps for years and he always reacts this way when when the steps are scooted too far from the bed. Usually this only happens when I move them to vacuum, but he is very dramatic and expressive in his face when he is unhappy. Such a spoiled brat.

I had a lot of fun with this daily create. I actually have made quite a few other patterns as well, which I intend to doodle. I have never been much of an artist but the intricate ways in which line or dot patterns are formed is really cool to me. It is hard to make the resulting artwork look bad if you understand the line patterns. Lots of fun!

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