Crochet Beanie Tutorial!

For this assignment the instructions were: You probably have watched at least one arts and crafts video in your life. Now is your chance to make your own! Record yourself making a fun arts and crafts project tutorial. Make sure you use voice overlay with step by step instructions and music to enhance the video. 

I chose to do this assignment and teach the ds106 class how to crochet a very easy beginner beanie! There is some prior knowledge of crocheting techniques needed to do this tutorial, as I am not intending to be teaching HOW to crochet in general, but rather just this specific beanie. Any prior knowledge needed could be found in a 1 min youtube video posted by someone else, but after the first step (the magic ring step) I try to explain it all. I made this beanie for myself a few months ago when I taught myself how to crochet in quarantine. Making the beanie was alot of fun and I feel that crocheting is a great craft to learn from gift giving… I have definitely given my fair share of crocheted gifts since learning how to do the craft! Happy Crocheting! 

For this assignment, I recorded myself crocheting multiple steps of the beanie using my Iphone. I put all of the videos together, added transitions, and did all my editing in imovie first. I was able to shorten the length of the video quite a bit by speeding up the portions of the video where I am crocheting. Once I had a good portion of the video condensed into a few minutes, I uploaded the unfinished project to my pc to continue editing on windows video editor. Here I added the music and a voice over which I recorded in audacity. Lastly, I uploaded the video to youtube, and that link is provided here.

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