Connected Daily Creates

For this assignment, we are instructed to create a story using the three daily creates from this week and I am determined to do so! Here goes.

It all started with my visit to this museum. That’s me down there, looking normal, and admiring the beautiful artwork. I felt so inspired by this beautiful piece, I had to ask someone who the artist was! But it turns out, the creator of this art is a bit of a mystery, apparently it just appeared one day. Falling from one of the shelves in the back of the museum and exposing its mesmerizing image. “Thank you”, I said to the janitor I had been bombarding with questions. He nodded, and slowly walked away. Curious about the painting’s origin, I wanted to take a closer look. Leaning forward to inspect the painting I made the mistake of touching it. What was that? Was I imagining it? It almost felt like an electric current going through me. Wondering if that feeling really came from the painting, I stretched out my hand again to brush my fingers across the canvas. And that’s the last I remember.

I woke up in a strange place. Extremely unfamiliar, in ways that are impossible to describe, even the air, the smell of the room was off. That’s when a group of terrifying aliens entered the room I was trapped in. As these creatures can see the future of our planet, they said that an event leading to human extinction caused by humans, was quickly approaching. They explained to me that as the only other life in space, it was up to me to stop the earth from killing itself. To turn around all the fighting and hatred caused by humans that is destroying the only planet we have to live on. Of course if I were to return to earth as a normal human no one would believe the severity of the situation, so they made the decision to turn me into an alien myself!

The way their planet operated was beautiful, and so entirely different than ours. Unlike humans, they don’t see each other as different. They are all the same and all working together to maintain the best for everyone! Sort of like a hivemind working together like this! Although scary at first, I was taught how to spread kindness and love in order to save planet earth from its own destruction. But returning green, spreading this crazy new information is going to be a challenge.

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