Audio Reflection

One thing that Abumrad discussed was how radio shows have a unique feature about them in the fact that you are able to paint a picture in your head of what the story looks like, but it is the listener that ultimately decides what the image in their head is. He said it in a way that was much better articulated than myself, but I loved the concept. The way he described the use of sound reminded me of the use of descriptive words in writing. When we typically think of story telling, we think of stories or books because they allow the reader to have an imagination of their own. Sound functions in stories the same way as all those nitty gritty details in books do! Instead of descriptive words being the driving force behind creating a specific mood or atmosphere, it is the use of ambient sounds, music, and tonal shifts that mimic this feeling in story telling. A great story is any story that makes you feel like you are a part of it, I feel that sound is a great way to immerse oneself into a story because it is a sense you cannot turn off. Unlike sight (closing your eyes), hearing the sounds makes you feel like you are really somewhere else.

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