ALL animal shelters need donations

This assignment‘s instructions were:

Create an ad to inform people about a charity and encourage them to donate. It can be a real charity or you can make one up! 

The Story Behind the Story:

I chose to create this assignment because I absolutely love animals. When making donations to charities, and doing volunteer work, I love to help animal shelters. One important thing I think is important for all to know is that although a shelter may not be a “no kill” shelter, it does not make them a bad shelter. It definitely does not make it a shelter that should be avoided, in fact, I wish people adopted from these kinds of shelters more often! Many people avoid these shelters because they do not want to contribute to the killing of the animals, when in reality adopting and donating to them is the best way to ensure this does not happen. They can only take care of as many animals as they can afford, but they rarely turn away animals. All of the animals that get turned away from no kill shelters, end up at these regular shelters, providing them with their last chance. I have always felt bad that these shelters get a bad rep and less support, because they are the ones most in need of both!

Narrating the Process:

For this assignment, I used Canva to create this charity ad. In creating the ad, I wanted to include an image of an dog much like they do in those very sad animal ads for the ASPCA. The one thing I dislike about those ads however, is how guilty they make you feel. I wanted to include a picture of an animal, but without the guilt. I feel that this is not the most effective way of convincing someone to support a charity. I wanted to take a different approach with including some information about the logical reasons of why these shelters should be supported! 

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