Logo Remix

This assignment’s original instructions were to:

Create your very own logo. You can makeup your own unique item and make a logo for it or use an existing item and recreate the logo!

The remix instructions state:

“Jump Shrimp” – Find a completed assignment and create its oxymoron. Something that is contradictory to what was made.

This is the original logo submitted by another classmate.

And my remix on this!

For this remix I had to do the exact opposite logo design of another classmate. This is the design of their logo that they created titled “Stand up.” I felt that this assignment was the perfect one to use for this remix as the opposite of that phrase is pretty straightforward forward and still has meaning, “Sit down.” 

In the original design, there is an arrow pointing upwards connecting to the word “up”.  Because of this, when creating my logo, I put a downward facing arrow, on the first letter of the work “down” just as he had done in his design of “stand up.” Another cool thing about this design is the use of that classic “S” we all grew up drawing in school. It made me feel quite nostalgic to have an excuse to draw one of those again! Lastly, a design choice I made was the made my logo orange, I felt that (aside from yellow which is hard to see) orange is one of the furthest colors from purple (the color used in the original logo design).

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