10 seconds starting….. now

This assignments instructions are: 1. Using a timer, write what you’re thankful for in just 10 seconds! Anything and everything that you can think of being thankful for is fair game, but stop at 10 seconds.2. Share what you’ve written on a blog, wiki, or some other digital space that others can comment on.3. Bonus!… Continue reading 10 seconds starting….. now

Giving Thanks >Giving Gifts

Thanksgiving is definitely the best holiday. The premise of it anyways, I am not referring to the very real dark history surrounding it. If you were to disregard the terrible things we Americans did many years ago, I feel that what we teach on thanksgiving is very important. Thanksgiving is often times grouped into “The… Continue reading Giving Thanks >Giving Gifts

Tasty Haiku

This assignment‘s instructions are: Write an entire recipe only in haiku. Stick to the 5/7/5 syllable pattern as much as possible, but don’t leave out any key instructions! This is one I knowRight from the top of my headI’m happy to share Start with two pie crustsMake sure they are graham crackerWe’re making cheesecake Use… Continue reading Tasty Haiku