Weekly Summary 14

In reflecting on this final project, I am happy to say that I was very pleased with how everything came together and flowed in one story together in the end. In my final project I combined 4 different forms of media. Audio, video, writing, and images. All of these media are embedded in the blog… Continue reading Weekly Summary 14

Weekly Summary 13

My plan for the final project is to document and blog/vlog my final week as a student. I am graduating this spring and all of my big assignments are due next week, and after that I am free! Free to explore the real world. I am a CDS major and I have discovered my love… Continue reading Weekly Summary 13

Weekly Summary 12

I created 3 Daily Creates this week: I completed two remix assignments: Logo Remix Fashion Waldo Remix I also completed 8 stars of mashup assignments: Fairy Movie Poster Text Message Story Connections to theme: I felt that the mashup assignments I created this week really identify with our course theme of story telling! I am… Continue reading Weekly Summary 12

Weekly Summary 11

This week was vert similar to last week. I enjoyed doing a second week of video assignments because I was able to revisit the ones I had trouble deciding between completing last week. I still had an opportunity to try them out this week and it was a lot of fun. I am happy that… Continue reading Weekly Summary 11

Weekly Summary 10

This week I completed 2 daily creates: I also completed 3 video assignments from the assignment bank: Time Lapse Easter Doodle Workout Video Lyric Video This is my video essay of the movie “A quiet place” I really enjoyed the work for this week. I do not have any experience in any sort of video… Continue reading Weekly Summary 10

Weekly Summary 9

This was a relatively light work load this week. Here are the assignments I completed for the week. My 3 Daily Creates and story: Connected Daily Creates I blogged about my experience listening to the radio show: DS106 Radio Experience I shared my project ideas: Project Ideas And lastly, I revisited and re did two… Continue reading Weekly Summary 9

Weekly Summary 8

This week I completed 2 Daily Creates! I also blogged about my experience working on the radio show for the second week! Radio Show Progress 2 This week’s work load was relatively light, just with the added stresses of having to do group work. Most of the time you have a positive experience, with all… Continue reading Weekly Summary 8

Weekly Summary 7

This week I completed 3 Daily Creates: I shared my process and progress working on the Radio Show this week. I shared a lot of my thoughts for the week here, and I feel that this week was a little bit lighter of a work load, to prepare for next week. The short break from… Continue reading Weekly Summary 7

Weekly Summary 6

I created 3 Daily Creates this week! They are embedded into this post: Daily Creates I completed 4 design assignments from the assignment bank! Happy Easter to My Little Sisters I’m getting Married! Madi’s Menu ALL animal shelters need donations Weekly Summary and Connections to Theme: This week I spent a lot of time designing… Continue reading Weekly Summary 6

Weekly Summary 5

Relating to our Theme: This week we focused on story telling using sound. This relates to our theme because sound is another medium in which OUR stories can be told. They say that the medium is the message, and I think that is evident in the assignments I have completed this week. For the assignments,… Continue reading Weekly Summary 5