Weekly Summary 5

Relating to our Theme: This week we focused on story telling using sound. This relates to our theme because sound is another medium in which OUR stories can be told. They say that the medium is the message, and I think that is evident in the assignments I have completed this week. For the assignments,… Continue reading Weekly Summary 5

Audio Reflection

One thing that Abumrad discussed was how radio shows have a unique feature about them in the fact that you are able to paint a picture in your head of what the story looks like, but it is the listener that ultimately decides what the image in their head is. He said it in a… Continue reading Audio Reflection


I am developing an idea for a radio show. I was inspired by one of the audio assignments we had the option of choosing from this week. The assignment is one I completed, in which I reversed the audio of the song and listeners are supposed to guess the song. Because this is very difficult,… Continue reading Pondering

Daily Creates

This week I completed 3 daily creates! I was really excited to show off my air fryer cookbook with how popular air fryers have gotten lately. It honestly is great and I’d recommend any and all to get one if you have not already. My preferred food would definitely be a deep fried, possibly much… Continue reading Daily Creates

Photo Reflection

I have absolutely zero experience with photography. This is an exaggeration of course because as we all have smart phones now, or with the existence of apps such as snapchat, taking pictures is something we do quite frequently. I personally do not take many photos, and I never have. It is something my mother has… Continue reading Photo Reflection